Old Acre
Sea-Side Suite
Old Acre Sea-Side Suite
The Markets

There are 3 main markets in Acres: the White market (Elbiad market), the Turkish bazaar and the Acres market. for centuries the smell of fresh spices, the sounds and colors of the markets, are an inseparable part of the city’s atmosphere. an authentic experience alongside with newly opened designer shops, a day at the market is a guaranteed pleasure. don’t leave without some Halva, olive oil and baklava! It might be the best part of your vacation

The Knights’ Halls

Time travelling back to the Crusaders era, the Knights Halls provides a fascinating experience. The halls, which served for for living, ceremonies and even as a jail, were discovered only in the early 1990’s. The hall’s ceilings are covered with impressive rare arches, and vast parts of the complex are still being uncovered and researched today. The Knights Halls offers a peak under the surface of Acres, where many treasures are yet to be found.

Hummus of Galilee

Acres is full of local humus restaurants, but any Tel Avivian knows that “Sa-id” and “shamessia” in the acres market are the best of Galilee and even israel. The line outsite these restaurants is a proof of this title, but patiance pays off. A little tip: take a “maheluta” to go!
the turkish baazar, old acres

Uri Buri- sea food restaurant

This well known restaurant is located in an old space near the sea. It is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Israel, and we warmly recommend the tasting menu and of course- the fish!
Ha-Hagana (the lighthouse square), acres.

The Baha’i Gardens in Acres

The beautiful baha’i garden are located in north of Acres, surrounding the historical mansion of Bahá’u'lláh- the profit and the founder of the Bahá’í Faith. These breathtaking gardens and the Bahá’u'lláh temple are a must see site.

Nazareth – Church of the Annunciation

According to the new testimony Nazareth was home of Mary mother of Jesus and her husband. The church is presumably built in the location of the Annunciation made to Mary by the angel Gabriel, and is a known pilgrimage site.


Nisha mag

photo credits:
Yossi Gamzo Latova

Boaz Lavi – Nisha Mag

Yoram Bitan